Cosmopaulagy has evolved into something we've been dreaming about for years and is now Lion and the Hare Salon & Gallery!

We are now located in the Milky Way Complex at 

4201 Millersville Rd, Suite 213.

Booking links are fully operational while we're working on updating our digital presence.

Professional Hair Artistry Brought To You With


As a painter, I view hair color as another medium to create completely customizable pieces of artwork for you. I work to combine my technical skill and organic color placements to give you a look unique to you and your specific needs.


Your appointment is about you and each appointment is different. Whether you are the type to enjoy silence or the natural ebb and flow of conversation you can be assured for a relaxing and laid back atmosphere. 


Customer Satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me. You will always receive a consultation at the beginning of each appointment to ensure your expectations are managed and communicated.