Introducing Hair Length-Based Servicing

Each color service is now all inclusive!

Gratuity is not included because it is never expected, but is always appreciated.

Barbering Services

Barbering Services include any cut which utilizes clippers to create a taper, fade, or disconnected fade leaving a short, buzzed, or skin-close finish on the sides and/or back of the head.

Pixie Cuts

A haircut that relies more on scissor work than clippers. This style is generally no longer than your natural hairline on the back and sides, and slightly longer on top.

Short Hair

Short hair services are any style in which the hair on the sides or back of the head falls between the earlobe and collarbone.

Medium/Long Hair

Medium/Long length hair services are any style in which the hair on the sides or back of the head falls below the collarbone.


These services are for my adventurous friends looking for a significant change. Losing length, altering your style, or traversing the color spectrums from one extreme to the other to reflect the new you.

Color Palette

Single Process

Ideal for someone who is looking to go darker or change the tonality of their hair all over.


Strategic blonding placements that combine a multitude of techniques to give you lightness, brightness, and a low-maintenance color service. Toner, haircut, and select treatments are included in this premium lightening service.


Ideal for someone who is looking to add darkness and depth into their hair color.

Creative Canvas

This service is for someone who needs root coverage alongside another service, a specific or creative color placement, or a two step process.

Color Correction Consultation

Do you need to even out your canvas? This service is for someone who has had previous color work done, and needs corrective coloring to blend harsh lines or splotchy outcomes. This is determined case-by-case and charged hourly. Please contact me directly to schedule a consultation and appointment time.

Still Have Questions?

If you have thoroughly read through the list of services and are still unsure of what to book for please reach out using this page.